making it happen

I am definitely not athletic. My brothers have all the hand-eye coordination in the family (we can chat about my stint as a waterpolo player sometime, though. It's quite comical). My sister is hilarious and a seamstress extraordinaire. My dad is just about the kindest person you will ever meet and will likely give you a giant hug upon your first time meeting. My mom is the single most influential person in my life. She is always claiming she doesn't know where my creative side comes from, but I can tell you - it's all from her. Growing up, I was always making something. I remember crushing rose petals from Mom's yard in water with my sister, convinced we could start making our own perfume. Mom is an amazing painter, so I would tag along at craft fairs and sell whatever creation I had been working on (if you wanted an embroidery floss-wrapped pencil in 1994, I was your girl). The list just goes on. In college, I thought my career would be in media research. Only, I graduated and moved with my husband and suddenly I knew I couldn't sit in an office. I had to be physically making something with my hands. I pursued photography for several years and rediscovered a passion for film photography. But that's when I finally realized flowers are where it's at for me.  I laugh that it didn't hit me sooner. So, with the support of my amazing husband, family and talented friends, I decided to follow my heart and start sharing this design work with others. And I can honestly say it just feels right. I am in my element when I am arranging flowers. Every room in my home is decorated with some sort of floral pattern and my husband hasn't complained about that, so he is so supportive of filling our little home studio with even more flowers. I cannot wait to see where this all leads. In the meantime, I am so happy you are here and cannot wait to share more with you.




(I owe a special ''thank you" to Sally MacNicholas - of Sally Mae Photography. It is only thanks to her that I have these beautiful images to share. She has a natural gift and such an eye for beautiful light. And I am a total sucker for natural light. I cannot thank you enough, Sal. I am so grateful for our friendship and your talent! And your sense of humor. What would I do without that?!)